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Adjustable for 2 levels of difficulty: 20 degree angle with adapter on, 10 degree angle with the a..
Board for coordination- and balance training. Diameter 41 cm. Max. user weight: 110 kg. ..
2 handles for balance pushups. Non-slip top layer. Diameter: 40cm, Height 10cm. Max user weight: 10..
Including handpump. ø 33 cm Color- Turquoise, Green , Black  ..
For stabilization and coordination exercises. With tubes for various training workout. An exercise ..
High: 9,2 cm, diameter 39.5 cm, PE material. Max. user weight: 110 kg. ..
The ergonomic shape of foot roller fits into the foot arch while the unique texture provides a knea..
Ball 55 cm diameter, hand pump, a yoga strap, yoga mat and a latex band of 0.35 mm. An exercise char..
Main type made of materials used: glasss fiber with foam covering. Very soft grips.  ..
Set of 4 premium exercise bands with different strength. Great for improving mobility and strength,..
 With instruction leaflet. 3 strengths. Material: Thermo plastic rubber. Yellow (Light 0,35 mm..
Motion trainer. ø 25.5 cm. ..
Weight: 1.5 kg, ø 13 cm Green color ..
Weight: 1 kg, ø 12 cm Purple color ..
Made of EVA foam. Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 7.5 cm. ORANGE/BLACK BLUE/WHITE ..
 Firm foam roller with tube and foam blocks for effective muscle recovery. Ø 13 cm. &nb..
 Massage roll with firm bumps to hit the trigger points and restore the muscles. Made of high q..
 Firm Yoga block to extend, support and deepen the yoga stretch exercises. Firm Yoga block..
Anti-slip mat of 3 mm thickness. Anti-slip mat of 3 m 173 cm.Dim. a pprox. 61 x  ..
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